CLTV calculation

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV): Your Compass for Data-Driven Marketing

CLTV calculation

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) isn’t just a one-off metric; it’s a philosophy that aligns your marketing strategy with long-term customer relationships. Get past the numbers and discover:

Get past the numbers and discover

How CLTV informs your marketing budget allocation.

The magic of targeting high CLTV prospects.

The art of upselling
and cross-selling to augment customer valu

CLTV = (Average Order Value) x (Customer Retention Rate) x (Average Customer Lifespan)

The CLTV Matrix: Five Variables You Can't Ignore

Decode the elements that contribute to or dilute your Customer Lifetime Value.

From acquisition costs to customer behavior patterns, a multitude of factors influences CLTV.
Here’s how to read the matrix and pull the levers that truly matter:

Customer Acquisition Cost

The entry ticket to the CLTV game.

CLTV calculation

Customer Retention Rate

The glue that holds the CLTV matrix together.

CLTV calculation

Average Order Value

The average ticket size of your customer’s wallet.

CLTV calculation

Customer Lifespan

The ‘expiry date’ you need to push further.

CLTV calculation

Customer Behavior

The wildcard that can make or break the CLTV equation.

CLTV calculation

Intrigued about the CLTV Matrix?

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CLTV Unplugged
A No-Fuss Guide to Calculations

Think CLTV calculation is rocket science? Think again.

Calculating CLTV isn’t about number crunching. It’s about having the right ingredients for the formula and knowing how to blend them well.
Here’s your recipe:

CLTV = $100 (Average Order Value) x 0.7 (Retention Rate) x 5 (Average Lifespan) = $350

Ready to whip up your own CLTV calculations?

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Leveraging CLTV in Your Marketing Playbook

Empower your marketing strategies through the lens of CLTV

Understanding CLTV is just the beginning.
Utilizing it effectively to drive your marketing decisions is where the real game begins.

Budget Allocation

Use CLTV to gauge the efficiency of your marketing channels.


Implement targeted campaigns that resonate with high CLTV customers.

CLTV calculation

Customer Segmentation

Create diverse strategies to cater to various CLTV segments.

CLTV calculation

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